Chapman University | Couple's Photoshoot

If you've driven through Downtown Orange, chances are you've passed by Chapman University. Like many, you might have considered capturing its beauty through your lens for a couples session. But when you look up photos on, Google, Pinterest, or even Instagram everything is from a graduation session (obviously).

So when one of my brides sought suggestions for her bridal photos, I took a leap and recommended Chapman University. Despite my curiosity about it over the years, this marked my first opportunity to explore it for a photoshoot.

To my delight, the bride enthusiastically agreed, placing her trust in my recommendation. Eager to familiarize myself with the campus, I quickly scheduled an improv photo session with friends to explore and prepare myself for my upcoming bridal assignment. As anticipated, Chapman University turned out to be the perfect backdrop for both couples and bridal photos. The experience not only fulfilled my curiosity but also added a unique location to my portfolio.

When considering a location, always think about, TIME OF DAY, the light in your images will either make or break your photographs.

Check out the photos I took of my friends, James & Dulce. A quick improv couple's session will always be helpful as preparation for your bigger shoot.