Photographing at Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall has to be one of my favorite locations for engagement sessions. My top 3 places to visit when I'm photographing here are the fountain, the garden, and the bridge. These locations make the best backdrops!

Here are some useful tricks & tips for your next session!

  • No additional permits are required since it's a city hall (at least not yet 😬)

  • Go during the week; this place is always busy and full of people. If you can avoid going on weekends, I would.

  • The staircase is usually closed during the week until 6:00 pm --keep that in mind if you want to take photos on the bridge.

  • The front of the Pasadena city hall is usually busy with drop-off, so if you see it empty, RUN and capture some photos of your clients.

Hope this helps!

Remember to have fun and capture the love of your clients! ♥️ Good Luck!


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