Wedding Day Content for Social Media

Service Description: We will capture memorable moments from your wedding on the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. Our professional team will film exclusive footage using the latest smartphone to create stunning content for your social media channels. We will include all the footage from the day as well as a reel put together by our team within 24 hours. With this add-on service, you can relive and share the magic of your big day in a high-quality, on-trend style.

Service Highlights:

  • Video-Centric: While we'll also provide photos, our primary focus is on capturing videos
  • Filming with the iPhone 14 Pro Max for top-notch video quality
  • Unique behind-the-scenes shots and candid moments
  • Customized footage tailored for your social media platforms
  • Seamless integration with your wedding photography package

Delivery Options:

  • Shared Album (For iPhone Users): If you have an iPhone, we offer the convenience of delivering your social media content in a shared album before leaving your wedding. This allows you to access and share the moments with your loved ones instantly.
  • Dropbox (For Non-iPhone Users): Alternatively, for non-iPhone users, we provide the option of delivering your content via Dropbox. This ensures easy access and sharing for all our clients.


  • Add-on Price: $150

Shared Album

If you're an iPhone user, a shared album will be the simplest and fastest way to get all of your photos. All we need is your iCloud email and before you know it all of your footage will be shared with you by the end of the night. 🎉

Reel Examples

We have so much fun putting together these reels for you. More likely than not, we will use your first dance song as the audio for the reel but you are welcome to request a different song. The finished reel will also be added to your shared album after completion.

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