Wedding Day Content for Social Media

Service Description: Capture memorable moments from your wedding on the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. Our professional team will film exclusive footage using this cutting-edge smartphone to create stunning content for your social media channels. With this add-on service, you can relive and share the magic of your big day in a high-quality, on-trend style.

Service Highlights:

  • Video-Centric: While we'll also provide photos, our primary focus is on capturing videos
  • Filming with the iPhone 14 Pro Max for top-notch video quality
  • Unique behind-the-scenes shots and candid moments
  • Customized footage tailored for your social media platforms
  • Seamless integration with your wedding photography package

Delivery Options:

  • Shared Album (For iPhone Users): If you have an iPhone, we offer the convenience of delivering your social media content in a shared album before leaving your wedding. This allows you to access and share the moments with your loved ones instantly.
  • Dropbox (For Non-iPhone Users): Alternatively, for non-iPhone users, we provide the option of delivering your content via Dropbox. This ensures easy access and sharing for all our clients.


  • Add-on Price: $150