Mountains to Utah

August 31, 2023 Personal

Road tripping has become one of my favorite pass times in the last few years. I think my love for it started a long time ago when I first drove across the county from Southern California to New York City. In January my boyfriend and I decided to visit my best friends in Utah with no plans but to hang out just like we use to before she left California. We excepted to feel loved while we were there and we did, but what we didn't expect was to feel an intense love during the journey to Utah. I've never seen so many white fluffy mountains! The sun would softly touch the tops as if it was playing pica boo with us. I felt like I was living in a movie. I never imagined how beautiful this road could be, it was a beautiful surprise. The sky showed us love with bright pink skies as a goodbye on our drive back home. it was so cold it got below 2 degrees.

Of course, we had to drive through Zion National park on our way home. I mean have you ever seen such a beautiful sight.